How to Make the Most of the Rest of Your Summer

How to Make the Most of the Rest of Your Summer

So maybe you’re just now realizing that the end of summer is fast approaching, and you’ve squandered another summer’s worth of free days on things you could’ve done during the school season. Or maybe you just graduated, and you’re slowly realizing that the time you have to spend with your closest friends can slip through your fingers like sand if you’re not paying attention. First, to put you at ease: you’ll do fun stuff with your friends for the rest of your life, and they probably won’t all be the same people the entire time. Secondly, if you’re still concerned, I’ve got a list of suggestions for how to squeeze the most out of the last month of summer:


Find your local sleazy theme park and make a point of go-karting with your friends. Better yet, if you have a real go-karting arena in your neighborhood, go there. Go-karting is by far the world’s most underrated source of joy – where else could you take such visceral revenge on Greg for stealing your turn with the AUX cord?

Get some chalk, go to town

Here’s the neat thing about chalk: it washes away. So it takes a little effort to clean up, but not too much, not enough for some poor cleaning people to work overtime on, unless you’re going to draw something explicit where children could see it, don’t do that. Oh, and it’s very cheap, for those of you who have limited funds.

Go to a thrift store

You would not believe the amount of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger I’ve picked up at Goodwill, it’s ridiculous. Beyond the deals, you’ll probably find some wacky shit to laugh over – my friend found a sea-themed picture frame featuring a little banner that read “Extinction is Forever” at an H&R Discount store. It was fifty cents, and it’s sitting proudly on a shelf in my room.

See a psychic

I’ve never actually been to see a psychic, but I have gotten my tarot cards read with a couple friends by one of said friends’ aunt, and it is genuinely very intense. Even if you don’t personally put any stock in psychics, they tend to be the kind of people who can entertain the most deeply-seated skeptics. Plus, it’s really funny watching someone get a bad reading.

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