Love Your Friends: Helping a Trans Person Experien...

Love Your Friends: Helping a Trans Person Experiencing Body Dysphoria

Any trans person dealing with body dysphoria is going through quite a challenge. If you know someone who is going through this, it’s important to understand what they’re experiencing and how you can be a friend to them through this experience.

Acknowledge Their Experience
Never dismiss what they’re going through by saying, “everybody has problems.” It ignores the severity of what they’re going through and it can’t be compared to everyday issues that non-trans people deal with.

Ask How You Can Help
You may not know exactly how to help them with their body dysphoria, but they may have an idea of what you can do. Offer your help, in any way that they need, and make sure to ask if what you’re doing is indeed helpful.

Know How To Provide Distractions
You may occasionally need to change the topic, or pull their attention in a different direction, and they may not be able to fully do that on their own, not all the time.

Suggest Professional Help If They Need It
Speaking to trans-competent therapist, or joining a support group can be very useful suggestions to give your friend(s). Its’ also important to remember how to contact the Trans Lifeline Hotline, or National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (call 1.800.273.8255).

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